Monday, August 25, 2014

Diary of a Sweets Addict: Macarons Mall-Style!

While walking towards my usual break site one afternoon I spotted a brand new stand in the mall which immediately caught my eye - Macarons & Cookies by Woops! One pass left me wondering what flavors all of the brightly colored macarons could possibly be, and as a self-proclaimed sweets addict I felt I just had to buy a box to try a few of them out. At $16 for a box of 6, they were much pricier than the typical mall fare, but fairly standard as far as macaron shops go. The girl behind the counter was more than happy to offer her own recommendations and told me that the cookies & cream was to die for, while the plain vanilla was a classic. In addition to the two recommended flavors I opted to try out passion fruit, rose, Nutella, and raspberry to get a mix of different flavors (though you can tell I gravitate towards fruity ones). I was a bit overwhelmed when first choosing, but opted to get a mix of flavors that I'd had in macaron-form before, and others that I felt were a bit more adventurous. 

When I got home I whipped up a quick Cointreau Fizz to cleanse the palette and sat down to eat and review the absolutely adorable box I had gotten. First up was the staple vanilla which was - true to the sales girl's recommendation - an instant classic. The macaron itself was buttery and deliciously creamy in the center with just the right amount of shell-like consistency on the outside. The vanilla was like mom's vanilla sugar cookies in macaron form. I then tried the cookies & cream one which was black with a white cream filling. Not only did this macaron look like an oreo, but it was essentially the macaron equivalent of an upscale oreo in taste. Going right in a row I tasted the passion fruit flavor which was yellow on one side and orange on the other which I found to be entirely charming. This one was far more subtle, but distinctly passion fruit in flavor with a burst of sweetness in the cream filling. I was pleasantly surprised by how light and airy this particular one was as I had expected a much heavier and sweeter rendition. In the same vein, the rose flavor which I tried next was equally light in flavor and was reminiscent of chewing on a flower in the best possible way. There was a lovely balance of sweetness while still paying tribute to the original rose flavor. In stark contrast to the light and fruity flavors of the previous two macarons, the Nutella one was true to its name with a strong chocolate flavor and a that twist of hazelnut which can only belong to the popular dessert spread. Finally I got to the old classic - raspberry. After all of the cream-filled macarons I was overjoyed to find that they had used jam instead for this one. It was the most refreshing way to end my macaron flight and instantly became my favorite. The flavors were bright and fruity while the jam kept the whole macaron feeling light. 

Though not necessarily as top-notch as the macarons of Ladurée, I was delighted with the quality and was surprised to find out just how many malls they are available in. The packaging was perfect for anyone on the go and ensured that all of the macarons would make it to their destination in one piece. I also found the box to be utterly charming with the design of little macarons in various colors in one neat row mirroring the actual contents. Overall I'd recommend this brand and hope to try more flavors sometime in the future. If you're interested, you can find out more about their flavors and locations at:


  1. Thank you for the wonderful writeup! We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed our macarons. Come back and visit us again soon. By the way, which location did you visit?

    1. You're very welcome! So excited to have a stand here in Stamford~