Monday, August 18, 2014

Jump Into Fall 2014 - Royalty & Anglomania

With September fast approaching, the fashion world turns over a new leaf and prepares for the most prestigious season of the year. As the temperatures drop, people begin to bundle up under layers and layers of clothes which provide brands with ample demand to sell more of their most desired products. Lolita fashion houses are no different and this year we've already gotten sneak previews of the prints and designs to be released as soon as the leaves start to change colors. One theme which has permeated a number of the most celebrated brands' releases is an interest in royalty and British motifs. While sweets, fairy tales, and even musical instruments have become mainstays of each season of prints, a number of brands have begun to ring in the new fashion year with a celebration of the United Kingdom. If we were having another royal wedding soon, these prints would be much less surprising, but you'll hear no complaints here. Cheers to the Anglomania!

Perhaps the most obvious British-themed release has been the Union Jack dress series from Innocent World. Featuring the unmistakable British flag along with a coat of arms complete with roaring lions enclosing the famous 'IW' logo, Innocent World kicked down the door on the Anglomania theme of the season. The print's expected release date is early September and comes three colorways: bordeaux, chocolate, and navy.

Not far behind is Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom series which plays host to liveried bears in tricorns and their royal guard counterparts complete with bearskin hats. The background of the print is done up in bright regimental stripes which are dotted with Baby's royal crest. The series is expected to ship out in mid to late August and comes in three colorways: pink, blue x red, navy, and brown.

Regimental stripes - a pattern originally hailing from the UK which was used to tell to which regiment, school, etc. one belonged - have been especially popular recently. Angelic Pretty included a pattern entitled Bridget Regimental in Spoon vol. 55 which then cropped up on Facebook and Tumblr. The print has yet to be officially released on the website, but is anticipated to arrive sometime in the fall. Victorian Maiden also created a series with regimental stripes which is expected to arrive in September or October and has been on reserve for quite some time. Victorian Maiden's sets come in a variety of colorways including: cinnamon x bordeaux, cinnamon x dark green, bordeaux, and dark green. Though unconfirmed, the two dresses shot for Spoon of Bridget Regimental came in two colorways: blue and pink.

Finally, Angelic Pretty's latest release: Loyal Rosette pays homage Scottish tartan in red, blue, green, and brown. The series features equestrian style rosettes, and a variety of motifs alluding to royalty such as the fleur-de-lis, a coat of arms, and medals of crowns.

Whether or not you buy into the Anglomania, it's safe to say that some of the top lolita brands have latched onto the nostalgia associated with royalty and the British empire. The colors used in these prints lend themselves to the fall season and the patterns of tartan and stripes are all the more appropriate for layering with warmer thicker pieces.

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