Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Misako Aoki's New Lolita Show!

Header for CYTV's Be Lolita, Be Happy Episode 1
Head of the Japan Lolita Association, and famous lolita fashion model, Misako Aoki, started up her own weekly lolita show which was streamed online via CYTV for its first episode last Wednesday. Though the series is currently only available in Japanese sans subtitles, you can bet that soon it will be made available to a larger international audience through subbed videos on popular sites like Youtube. The show is called Be Lolita, Be Happy and will have its second episode airing on Wednesday August 27th, at 10pm JST. Though my Japanese is a bit rusty, I'll try to give a brief overview of the very first episode.

Misako started the show by introducing herself before proceeding to go through a short outfit rundown where she described what she was wearing and what kinds of makeup she had chosen to create her desired look. She then jumped right into a review of a recent tea party which was hosted in Q-pot Cafe in Omotesando (the neighborhood right next to Harajuku). A number of sweets accessories artists joined the thirty or so lolitas in attendance which made for a fairly good-sized group! Misako noted that Q-pot Cafe's staff uniform was especially cute before showing a picture where she had gotten to try one on. She noted that within the lolita community, Q-pot's accessories are quite popular so after the tea party was over the group headed over to the store so that the lolitas in attendance could browse the various wares. 

After the slideshow, Misako announced that she'll be traveling to Cambodia, Russia, and Taiwan next month with her work so she'll be quite busy spreading the message of lolita fashion abroad. She proceeded to introduce this week's special guest: Ran Oishi, a writer and illustrator with a love for Harajuku fashion who has had work appear in publications such as Spoon. When asked about her personal style, Ran described it as a kind of soft lolita as talked about in Misako's Lolita Fashion Book. Misako was especially impressed by Ran's beautiful nails and urged her to show them to the camera. At the mention of makeup, Misako noted that Ran's style was very natural kei and it looked like she wasn't even wearing fake eyelashes. The next segment was a 'what's in my bag' piece. First up was Ran who showed off her Jane Marple bag and its various contents including several books. Misako understandably marveled at how much the regular-sized bag could hold! The two then swapped roles with Misako whipping out her own iconic heart bag and showing off all of the cute things she carries everywhere. When Misako pulled out her wallet, she noted that Miu Miu's products are dangerous because of how cute they are and how well they fit the lolita aesthetic. Of all her everyday makeup products, Misako recommended her Chanel lip gloss which is an interesting color somewhere between red and pink. She also raved about her drawstring tote bag which she said was great when she was traveling in France because it had all the best qualities of a tote bag without making her an easy target for pickpockets. 

Talk then turned to the Lolita Fashion Book and how Ran had been a contributor and collaborated with Misako. They also took at look at Ran's recent book which was a full length comic. Ran later presented a special illustration for Misako to celebrate the beginning of her show and Misako asked Ran what she focuses on when making illustrations of lolita girls! Towards the end of the general interview segment Ran plugged a few of her most recent projects and talked about where to find some of her work. At the end of the interview the pair responded to some questions from viewers on topics such as: the main points of their outfits, how to wear lolita on hot Japanese summer days, what kinds of things they like to do in the summer, how to keep healthy, the intersection between lolita fashion lovers and doll collectors, and Ran's time at Tokyo University.  

Overall the show was upbeat and fun with the two going back and forth and occasionally diverting off on tangents about different questions or topics which clearly made them excited. It was fun to watch Ran open up over the course of the show, and to see Misako's interactions with the show's crew now and again. This week's episode is set to feature the sweets accessories artist, Kunika who started her career as a chef! The show itself is set to air each week with a new guest who interacts with the lolita community in some way with Misako playing the ever-lovely hostess. Be sure to check out the first episode in full over at CYTV and don't forget to tune in to this week's show!

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