Sunday, August 24, 2014

Print Watch - Week of 8/18/14

This week was a bit of a whirlwind for print releases and the announcement of reservation dates. Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World, Haenuli, and Metamorphose temps de fille all made announcements which had the lolita community in a tizzy.

 First up was Baby the Stars Shine Bright which announced the release of a new print series entitled Full of stars "Bright Starry Night". The series will go up for reservation tomorrow (Monday August 25th) and comes in four colorways: ivory, lavender, wine, and navy.

Next up for Baby was the announcement of a new collaboration; this time with Kagerou Project which is a series of Vocaloid songs. The one dress released seems to be based on the character design of Kozakura Marry. This dress went up on reservation on Saturday the 23rd and is expected to ship in late September early October.

Alice in the Pirates made several new additions to the Le Petit Chaperon rouge series with pieces which resemble the clothes worn by the wolf. The boystyle additions include: pants, corset, blouse, and mantle all under the 'Loup-garou' title. In the print both the hunter (Gustave) and the wolf look to be competing for Red's affection so it's nice to see Gustave's foil series released. Additionally, the title 'loup-garou' means 'werewolf' in French and could be a play off of the wolf's new role as the dangerous wooer in AatP's rendition of the celebrated fairytale. Reservations for this series begin August 27th.

Metamorphose temps de fille announced the release of this year's Velveteen items in three colorways: black, bordeaux, and purple. Reservations will be made available on Friday August 29th for the two jsks, op, caplet, and various accessories.

Innocent World continued with the Anglomania trend we've been seeing with the announcement of their new print series Classical Coin which will come in three colorways. No other details about the series have been released yet, but the classic lolita community can most likely expect a reservation for early to mid September.

Haenuli announced via their Facebook that they will be releasing a new Stained glass design with completely different stained glass windows from the first release. No other details have been given, but one can expect more information within the next few weeks.

Overall this week was a particularly busy one for the lolita brands, but the clear winner of the powerhouse title this week was Baby & Aatp. With so many new releases and reservations one can only wait in anticipation for the next series to be announced. It is my sincere hope that should there be enough releases, Print Watch will become a weekly staple. Consider it your one-stop print release resource and feel free to suggest other brands for me to watch.

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