Sunday, August 31, 2014

Print Watch - Week of 8/25/14

This week saw a good number of print releases like last week as well as some announcements regarding the exact release dates of prints which had previously only been seen in the pages of magazines like Spoon. In addition to new prints, this week sent the community into a flurry of activity as brands began to prepare for the months of cold weather ahead and brought out new and old designs alike.

Juliette et Justine released a new Make-To-Order dress called Robe de collage un ch√Ęteau which will be available to order through September 5th. The dress is expected to ship out in December and comes in black. For more details on how to order this print, be sure to check out their reservation page.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright continued its momentum from last week with the release of their Autumn/Winter coat collection. Both new and rereleased designs were featured. Twelve cloaks, two capes, a beret, a scarf, and a muffler are currently on the reservation page which will open to online orders on September 12th, at 5pm JST. The items are expected to ship out in late October / early November and each come in a variety of colorways. To reserve your own coat to ride out the winter months in style, be sure to check out the full series of reservations available. 

A recent photo of Misako Aoki is rumored to show her modeling Alice and the Pirates' boystyle release of Starlight Carnevale. No other details have been released, but hopefully an official release with pop up within the next few weeks. 

Yesterday saw the release of Angelic Pretty's Brigitte Regimen series. Though the berets are sold out, many of the other pieces in the series are still available and can be found on AP's online store.

Innocent World released their Stradivarius series on their online shop (Japanese side) earlier this week for reservation. Two different styles of JSK and one skirt are now available in three colorways so be sure to snatch them up if you can!

Metamorphose temps de fille released the Musical Cat series in three colorways: black, pink & green. Though only a few of the series items are currently available, three JSKs and an OP will be making an appearance on the website soon!

Enchantlic Enchantilly announced a new dress which will be available at Atelier Pierrot in Harajuku's Laforet on Saturday September 6th for Fashion's Night Out. Photos of the dress were released on their official Facebook page earlier this week. 

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