Monday, September 29, 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge - Week 1: 5 Pieces That Every Lolita Wardrobe Should Have, Regardless of Style

In an effort to bring new and interesting content to Courtly Dreams aside from Print Watches, Historical Frills, and summaries of Be Lolita, Be Happy, I'll be posting a segment dedicated to the Lolita 52 Challenge each week. This lovely list of topics was originally created by F Yeah Lolita last year and includes a list of 52 lolita related topics to post about. I highly suggest it for anyone looking to pump some inspiration into his/her lolita fashion blog! As the title suggests, this week's topic is about the quintessential lolita wardrobe and which items I find to be indispensable regardless of which lolita style one gravitates towards. Let's get started~
 -In no particular order-

1. A Quality Brooch

My "Frenchie" brooch from Peppermint Fox's Bon Bon Parade Collection
Though it may seem a bit unorthodox, a nice quality brooch is one of the best accessories to own. You can dress up any shawl, blouse, sweater, cardigan, or even hats with sweet and quirky designs. Not to mention that they're a great way to hold draped pieces in place or add a bit of pop to a blouse neckline!

2. A Shawl, Stole, or Long Scarf

Photo courtesy of Lolibrary
Shawls, scarves, and stoles are by far some of my favorite wardrobe additions. Whether it's a light shoulder covering for summer, or a nice warm piece for winter, long flowy layers are an instant way to class up a plain JSK. The most elegant lolita will find the best way to manipulate the fabric to make her movements appear graceful and her bearing as elegant as the women portrayed in period films.

3. A Cute Pair of Booties

Powerful Protagonist Bootie from ModCloth
As fall gets into full swing and winter approaches, I've found booties to be the most indispensable shoes. They're short and cute with just enough heel to keep out of inclement weather puddles and cover up so much more than flats to keep your feet warm. 

4. A Solid Statement Bag

My favorite bag for lolita outfits by AP
We've all been there - we have a meetup and a long journey ahead of us, but are at odds with our purse situation. We can either take the cute bag which holds next to nothing or the less-than-ideal-carry-all which will see us through our trip with snacks and backup eyelash glue. My advice? Invest in a gorgeous, but adequately sized bag that you can pair with a variety of coordinates. Aim to fit just as much as you need inside without sacrificing any of the lolita necessities. 

5. Solid Colored Tights

These are a personal favorite of mine - brightly colored tights I can use to add some pop to my otherwise ordinary outfits. Use them for accent colors, or go bold with colorblocking! With colder weather fast approaching tights are sure to be your best friends at outdoor meetups or shopping trips. Not only will they keep you toasty warm, but they'll create tonal depth for your coordinate.

And there you have it - my absolute must-have pieces for every lolita style. Though they might seem small and cursory, it's amazing how much these pieces can do for your coordinate! They're all versatile for life in and out of the petticoats and allow you to add a touch of personal style to your favorite designer pieces~

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