Sunday, October 19, 2014

3 Iconic Styles I Love But Cannot Mix With Lolita

It's the bane of every lolita fashionista's existence - her love for a style which simply cannot be rocked in lolita (more often than not due to the paradoxical silhouettes). On the one hand these styles are what I love and find wonderfully appealing, but inevitably irreconcilable with my one true fashion love. Heartbreak and loyalty war against one another until dear lolita rises from the ashes of the battlefield unscathed - lace sword and petticoat shield held aloft. These styles will always inspire me, and perhaps I'll find a way to pull from the iconic eras from whence they came and create a deliciously lolita coord, but until then I'll have to relinquish my closet to my frilly dreams.

1. Mod 60s Shift Dresses

Image From Vintage Pattern Book
They're bright, boxy, and adorable, but go against everything the lolita silhouette stands for. Coming out of the petticoat-filled skirts of the 50s, these dresses must have been incredibly liberating. Perhaps a colorblocked coord could bring out that 60s vibe without the shift dress cut.

2. Roaring 20s Flapper
The quintessential image of a good time, flappers were as fun-loving as they were opulent. Their love of feathers, furs, pearls, beads, and jewels inspires me to this very day. Like the shift dress, flappers were known for their silhouette as well as their glittering beads as they danced the nights away.

3. Regency Era
Image From Victoriana Magazine
Think Elizabeth Bennet & Darcy. Columnar dresses, gauzy muslims, and the iconic empire waist. Though we've seen some empire waist cuts in lolita, it's safe to say that the modest Regency period following the tumultuous French Revolution on the Continent do not fit well with our Rococo-inspired silhouettes. The style was really the antithesis of Rococo extravagant skirts and focused more on the tailoring of the bodice area while leaving the skirts to hand free.

Alas, I'll probably never have a true mod 60s, flapper, or regency coordinate, but a girl can dream can't she? The main point of contention with all these styles comes with silhouette and how slim silhouettes do not mix well with bulky petticoats and bloomers. 

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