Thursday, October 30, 2014

3 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For The Procrastinating Lolita

Coming back from a brief work-induced hiatus, I realized that I simply do not have time to run out and grab myself a wonderful and witty costume for tomorrow evening's festivities. The retired cosplayer in me reared up a bit at the affront of celebrating Halloween without a costume which has led me to brainstorm a bit about simple costumes a lolita can pull together from her existing wardrobe. With a bit of makeup, fun accessories, and imagination, it's easy to turn your lolita dress into a lolita version of your favorite costume. While this has always been a bit of a contentious point within the community as we'd rather not have people viewing lolita itself as a costume, so long as you turn up the drama and turn down the fashion, you can be sure that you'll be left with a costume infused with a touch of your personal style. Without further ado, let's get onto the list~

Not-So-Raggedy Ann
Pair a cute red wig with a red, white, & blue coord and throw in some Twiggy lower lashes and a triangle nose. You'll be far from raggedy, but even Ann needed a little chic in her life!

Portrait of Madame de Pompadour
Grab yourself some cardboard and paints to create your opulent frame which you can carry around for photos or hang around your neck. Throw on your most opulent & Rococo-esque coord, powder your face and hair, and practice some portrait-like poses in the mirror.

Toy Soldier
For all you oujis and boystylers, try throwing together a red & white coordinate with dark boots and white gloves. Be sure to draw on that exaggerated circular blush characterized by the Nutcracker's fearless forces and give salutes out freely.

I'll be going with the not-so-raggedy ann myself, but there are plenty of last minute costumes that can easily be thrown together when you have a wardrobe as avant-garde as a lolita's! A little creativity and you'll good to dance the night away with the other ghosts and ghouls, or collect all the candy you can carry from your neighbors~

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