Wednesday, October 8, 2014

8 Things I Learned From RuffleCon

My Friday fitting rehearsal outfit
I'm still in the process of compiling and processing everything that was my RuffleCon weekend. So instead of giving you the full spiel, I've decided to write a companion piece to my pre-Rufflecon departure post wherein I outlined the 8 tips I had for lolita congoers. This weekend was absolutely phenomenal and I think it's extra valuable (and quite funny) to remember not only the good times I had, but what I learned from this fashion-oriented convention.

1. Pre-Con Badge Pickup - Always The Best Option
If you preregistered (which you absolutely should if you get the chance to), the day-before pickup is always worth your while. The lines are short, people are relaxed because the stress of the con has yet to really hit the staff yet, and you save yourself the hassle of rushing the morning of!

2. Bring A Handheld (if you have one)
Backstage at the Fashion Show there was a small street pass community growing as more and more people showed up armed with their 3DS. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but it's bound to be a great time killer in the lines you will inevitably have to wait in.

3. VIP Is Worth It
If only for the early access perks, the VIPs at RuffleCon got the cream of the crop from both the marketplace and the consignment room. This year that meant that they managed to snatch up all of the gorgeous Triple Fortune bonnets before anyone got a chance to see them. Lucky ducks!

4. Shell Out For The Hotel Room
Even if your commute is short, the camaraderie and convenience afforded by having a hotel reservation is well worth the money! Additionally this provides you ample opportunity to change outfits multiple times a day and have a place to stash all the purchases you will make.

5. Consignment Room Requires A Bit of Luck And A Bit Of Daring
The consignment room is the best place to find deals, but it can also be a bit of a gamble. Wait too long on that dress you're on the fence about and you might come back to find it snatched up! At the same time, many of the items go on markdown and you can manage to catch a steal~

6. Meet Designers In The Marketplace
If nothing else, make sure that you make a slow and detailed loop around the marketplace. This is your best opportunity to meet designers - indie and otherwise - and get a chance to talk with some amazing artistic talents. Knowing the schedule for vendors, they'll be happy to talk with you and spend time answering questions!

7. Fashion Show & High Tea Are Must-Sees
The Fashion Show is the absolute best place to see all the new collections on the runway with plenty of time to take photos and consider whether you'd like to make a mad-dash to the marketplace afterwards to snatch up the looks you saw. High Tea was a fantastic experience not only because of the guest attendance, but also due to the inherently friendly nature of the average RuffleCon attendee. 10/10 would recommend!

8. Be A Part Of The Convention
Model for a brand, run a fun and interesting panel, bring your art to vendor in the marketplace, enter the variety show, or volunteer and support the staff behind-the-scenes. The more you entrench yourself in the RuffleCon culture, the more enamored you become. Oftentimes its the moments behind closed doors which you cherish the most, and the dedicated people you meet in your endeavors who become the fastest of friends!

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