Monday, October 20, 2014

BABY the Stars Shine Bright Time Travel Station Fashion Show

Though I missed it the first time around due to my work schedule, I managed to find a video of Baby's recent tea party and fashion show dubbed 'Time Travel Station'. Like so many other brand-sponsored fashion shows, I was struck by the intimacy of the runway. Models would walk right off into the crowd to give loyal customers a close-up view of Baby's newest creations. I loved the mix of recently released pieces along with upcoming designs and was delighted to spot a few foreign models on the runway! Overall I loved this show and found myself trying to budget out money for a few more purchases before the end of the year. So be warned dear reader, this show is as dangerous to your wallet as it is welcoming to your closet! 

Though I wasn't in love with everything, I definitely had a few favorites! The garden OP worn by Midori was absolutely stunning and you can bet I'll be saving up for that one. It was lovely to see the audience light up when Misako walked in her show-stopping bridal coordinate. Though I'm not sure I could ever pull it off, it was amazing. Midori modeling the new ribbon design was to die for and her hat was a work of art in and of itself - it was a shame that it was balanced so precariously on her head. The new circus print asymmetrical tights were absolutely lovely and of course all the boystyle coordinates were absolutely dapper. I encourage every BtSSB and AatP fan to watch the show and of course, enjoy the eyecandy! 

Midori in the new garden OP from her Twitter~
Super cute foreign model Natalia with Midori also from her Twitter
Loved this coordinate on Midori and the hat is absolutely stunning
So many beautiful pieces alongside Misako's bridal look~

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