Friday, October 17, 2014

Paging Lolita 333 - A Lolita Capsule Wardrobe

While building up my wardrobe after returning to the fashion I've made a serious attempt to collect pieces which are both appealing to me and versatile. Though at first the task of building a complete wardrobe without breaking the bank seemed near impossible, I'm finding that by limiting my intake and building from a fairly limited number of dream dresses, a complete yet cohesive wardrobe is well within my grasp. To take this a step further, I plan on challenging myself towards the end of my wardrobe-building to work towards a true capsule wardrobe (for my lolita attire at least). Like Project 333, my goal is to pull versatility and cohesion from a relatively small number of individual pieces; by mixing and matching, and I plan on focusing on hair, makeup, and accessories to do the legwork for distinguishing coordinates from one another. Striving for a capsule wardrobe is an excellent way for beginning lolitas to build a wardrobe that will go the extra mile for them while still remaining manageable and affordable.

To begin, a number of you are probably wondering what exactly a capsule wardrobe entails. Succinctly put, a capsule wardrobe is defined as a relatively small number of clothing items (oftentimes between 20 and 35) which are considered essential to dressing for all occasions while cutting out the textile chaff of a normal sized collection. Project 333 encourages readers to cut their wardrobes down to 33 items for 3 month periods and donating all the unwanted pieces to charity. Naturally these 33 items do not include jewellry/small accessories, shoes, or undergarments.

For my lolita wardrobe, my aim over the next few months is to build up a wardrobe of 33 items not including shoes, accessories, tights/socks, or undergarments (including bloomers & petticoats). I'll provide updates every once in a while to show how my wardrobe is progressing along with challenges and successes. Hopefully once I've completely my capsule wardrobe, I'll be able to give a full review of the project after a three month period and consider whether to expand, contract, or cycle out my collection.

Below I'll outline what I currently own in terms of my own wardrobe and then expand upon that list with my ideal ratio of items.

Current Wardrobe:
4 Blouses
4 JSKs
4 Skirts
2 OPs (1 boystyle)
2 Purses (of the lolita variety)
1 Coat
1 Jacket
2 Boleros
1 Shawl
1 Pants

Total: 22

Ideal Wardrobe:
7 Blouses
5 JSKs
5 Skirts
3 OPs
3 Purses
2 Coats
1 Jacket
3 Boleros
2 Shawls
1 Pants
1 Hat

Total: 33

Some items that I currently have will be cycled out in favor of decidedly better items or ones that fit the theme of my current wardrobe. Ultimately the hope is that I can have my cake and eat it too - a wardrobe that is both large enough to create a number of different and interesting coordinates, while still maintaining its relatively small size. I hope for the best in this capsule wardrobe experiment, and look forward to bringing all of you along for the ride!

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  1. YAAASSSS I've been wanting more lolitas to do project 333!!!!