Monday, October 13, 2014

RuffleCon Reverie

I'd like to think that after RuffleCon I miraculously recovered from my whirlwind weekend and popped up like a daisy ready to face the realities of life outside of my frilly sanctuary, but alas loss of sleep does eventually catch up to you. RuffleCon was many things for me, not the least of which being a new con full of amazing people and equally incredible opportunities. The weekend passed in a haze of smiles, nervous butterflies, and beautifully dressed individuals which I would relive every day if I could - rainy train commutes and all. 

Friday afternoon saw me waking up mid afternoon after pulling an overnight shift at work the day before. Luckily for me, the fitting rehearsal for Saturday's Fashion Show was pushed back from the early afternoon to 6pm which gave me plenty of time to catch up on some much needed rest. Getting home at 8am that morning would have made a noon rehearsal a true nightmare. Opting for something comfortable for the train, I went with my tried and true Innocent World Theresia Rose SK with a cream blouse from Modcloth and a comfortable pair of heels. Despite having to stand nearly half the ride to New Haven, I made it to the Omni in one piece and hurried off to find Registration. Because I was modeling, I got to snag my badge early to head into the fitting rehearsal long before any of the other guests had Friday preregistration opened to them. It was a bit harried at first - hence my messily scrawled name - but I ended up making it into the rehearsal with time to spare. 

When everyone was situated, all the models were asked to stand up and allow Fumiko of Enchantlic Enchantilly and KAIE and BABI of Triple Fortune to see us in person. It was a bit intimidating getting looked up and down by such prestigious guests, but everyone was mostly giddy with excitement. KAIE and BABI left the room for a few minutes while one of the translators came around asking girls for names per the direction of Fumiko. Upon the return of Triple Fortune's designers, it was announced that the group of models would be split in two. Those whose names were called moved to the right side of the room and would model for Enchantlic Enchantilly (to be called Chantilly for short) while the rest of the bunch would be working with Triple Fortune. I was lucky enough to join the Chantilly side of the room along with a truly lovely bunch of girls. We were then each assigned outfits which we tried on and practiced our walks before breaking for some cookies. Makeup looks were discussed with the designers and there were plenty of gasps of delight as everyone got to see sneak peaks of the collections. Thoroughly exhausted I retired early to the train station ready to get up early the next morning.

After a rainy 6:42am train ride out of Stamford with a local lolita friend, the name of the game Saturday morning was makeup & selfies. All the models essentially had to be backstage from 8am until the end of the show at 3pm which meant lots of bonding, and lots of photos. All of us had our go with the resident makeup artists and couldn't help but snap a few photos of our dolly lashes and picture perfect rosy cheeks. After a while we all got dressed and did a quick walkthrough with music on stage before cloistering ourselves away until the start of the show. I could not have asked for better companions than the Chantilly girls. They were honestly some of the sweetest people at Rufflecon and made Saturday spectacular. Though jittery backstage, everyone rocked it on stage and looked absolutely fabulous! Xin Lolita Photography took some amazing photos of our group that I can't help but share! 

All of the models for all of the designers did an amazing job at the show and the designs were all so very incredible and awe inspiring! It was truly a treat to be a part of. After the show, we got one group photo with the Chantilly girls before we were released for the day!
Photo (c) Sarah Rawlinson
To say that we were excited to let our hair down a bit is an understatement and nearly everyone took advantage of the opportunity to wear less-poofy clothes for a bit.
Post Show Selfie~
After meeting up with my boyfriend and perusing the marketplace for a while, we opted to go have a long lunch across the street before meandering back. Taking a quick loop around the consignment room and running into a few girls from my local comm who were staffing the amazing weekend, my boyfriend and I opted to hit the hay a bit early so that I could once again make the journey into New Haven the following morning for High Tea.

After the excitement of Saturday, Sunday was a welcome change of pace. Arriving at the Omni early (but not Saturday early), I got the chance to peak into the marketplace and make some quick purchases before stopping by the consignment room once again. Before I knew it there was already a line forming for tea which I quickly hopped into. After the VIPs were all seated and situated, they let the rest of the guests in and although it was a bit of a scramble to figure out which table to sit at, I managed to get a seat with some lovely ladies from NY, Toronto, and Texas to name a few! It was nice to see girls who I had met at New York Fashion Week and admire everyone's coords. Needless to say, with Triple Fortune and Enchantlic Enchantilly in attendance, people went all out! There was lots of mingling, eating of good food, and photo opps. 

Towards the end of the tea there was a raffle of $25 gift certificates provided by Angelic Pretty & Harajuku Hearts. Of the 10 prizes, our table managed to snag four of them! Clearly we had picked well in our table placement. After a number of group photos taken, I met up with one of the girls from my local comm and we headed off to snag some last minute deals in the marketplace before it closed for the weekend. Stopping by the I Do Declare booth the two of us fell in love with some of the breathtaking designs and couldn't resist the chance to take them home with us. We each managed to get a gorgeous OP which I'm sure you'll be seeing more of in the future! With the con coming to a close, I bid the weekend one last adieu before hopping on the sunny train ride home. Though it was a whirlwind in the truest sense of the word, I cannot wait for the return of Rufflecon next year!

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