Friday, January 2, 2015

Ringing in 2015 with Style - Fashion Resolutions for the New Year

In honor of the new year and the tradition of turning over a new leaf, I thought I'd reflect a bit on this year's fashion successes and challenges before setting a few goals for myself. If you read my Ita to Lolita piece written earlier last year, you'll already have a brief history of my time in lolita fashion, but 2014 was an interesting year for me. It was my first year really jumping into the fashion headfirst after a very long hiatus. With moving to a new city with my new job, lolita fashion really gave me an opportunity to make fast friends in the area with whom I had a shared interest and I cannot be more thankful for the multitude of amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting!

2014...was a year of firsts in many ways. It was my return to lolita fashion, and my first time actively participating in a community. I feel blessed to have been welcomed with open arms to the CT lolita community and to have gotten the chance to share some of my amazing frilly adventures with so many new friends.
In celebration of 2014 here is a list of my lolita fashion successes from this past year:

1. Joining the CT community and getting to know an amazing group of people who all love lolita fashion as much as I do.

2. Starting this blog and working to explore my love of lolita fashion through many different lenses!

3. Attending New York Fashion Week with the New York lolitas and having the opportunity to meet even more wonderful people.

4. Jumping into the unknown at RuffleCon headfirst and getting the chance to model for Enchantlic Enchantilly. Not only was it an absolutely amazing experience, it was amazing to get the chance to meet lolitas from all walks of life and all over the world!

5. Celebrating my first International Lolita Day in style.

6. Growing and expanding my wardrobe with a much more curated theme than what I had pursued so many years before.

Naturally, no amount of success comes without plenty of hardships. Here is my list of my challenges in lolita fashion this past year:

1. Dealing with severe time management issues and writer's block which caused me to take a 2 month hiatus from blogging.

2. Buying good headgear - I definitely need to add more hats, headbows, and similar accessories to my wardrobe.

3. Finding time to attend various meetups. Though I made it to a few at the end of the summer and the beginning of fall, my schedule kept me from getting out there as much as I would have liked.

4. Balancing purchases to make the most out of my wardrobe. While I bought a large number of skirts and JSKs, my blouse department is seriously lacking which has affected my variety.

And now for the main event! Here are my lolita fashion resolutions for 2015:

1. Make blogging more of a consistent and prioritized activity. Really try to provide new and interesting content in the form of varying post styles from tutorials to informational tidbits to event coverage - the more the merrier.

2. Use the capsule wardrobe outline as a guide to building a better and more functional wardrobe.

3. Design accessories & outerwear to be debuted under the label: The Holly Trousseau and work to bring these goods to both a webshop and the convention scene.

4. Plan a meet-up for the CT comm. The best way to keep one's comm active is to be the one organizing events. After having such a warm welcome from my fellow lolitas, this is an excellent way for me to give back to such a splendid community.

5. Make it to at least 2 conventions and 6 meetups this calendar year. Though Rufflecon is definitely on my list for next year, I'd love to branch out and find another excellent lolita convention / event to attend.

6. Connect more with the online community. Almost all of my lolita friendships have come from in-person events and meetups and while this is an excellent way to meet people, it is also very limiting. There are so many wonderful and amazing lolitas out there that it's important to keep broadening one's circle of acquaintances!

7. Reconnect with my inner pure maiden. Take up a new hobby like embroidery, flower arranging, or painting. Or perhaps return to an old one like playing music to bring a little more princess spice to my life.

What were your lolita fashion successes and challenges in 2014? Do you have any big resolutions for 2015? Share them in the comments below!