Saturday, February 21, 2015

Close-Up - Innocent World Three Archangels Square Neck JSK in Chocolate

Christmas 2014 coord - Stained Glass Reverie - Featuring this week's JSK
Happy Saturday all~ I thought I'd start off this weekend with the introduction of a new blog segment - Close-Up. These posts will center around pieces in my lolita wardrobe of which I'll take many different detail shots and comment on what I think are some of the most attractive features. Most of these posts will be picture heavy and light on text, but I hope to bring a little bit more attention to the details of my favorite lolita items. While Lolibrary and stock photos are great resources when trying to decide which pieces to add to one's wardrobe, the finer points are often lost in translation. I find that the details in each piece keep me falling in love with my wardrobe - a sentiment I hope to share with all of you!

This week's piece is Innocent World's Three Archangels Square Neck JSK in Chocolate which was released this past year. With all the religious symbolism circulating the lolita community this year with nuns, full-length veils, and crosses, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon when I saw IW's take on the theme. Stained glass exudes a richness of color which I love to see incorporated into fashion and what better way to celebrate such decadence than with a series dedicated to such beauty? This particular JSK was a gift from my siblings for Christmas and it arrived just in time for me to throw together a coord for Christmas Day. 

The rich deep chocolate tones of the JSK really make the colors of the stained glass print pop which is one of the reasons I was so enthralled with this particular colorway. I love that the print itself incorporates different color gradients to almost give off a sense of translucency in the window pieces. True to the name, there are three different window varieties each of which featuring one of the three archangels - Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Flanking these figure windows we have long thin strips which feature roses, lilies, and other florals, and last but not least, the round IW logo windows. 

The dress in full

Archangel Gabriel the Herald with his trumpet held aloft 

Michael with his staff is the centerpiece for the bodice and the largest most ornate window

Raphael with his lute

Amazing long floral windows elongate the print and allude to sheer size of some of Europe's most famous cathedrals

The lace at the hem echos the pointed arches of Michael's windows

I adore the detailing of the back and that they included a long floral window in the middle of the lacing. It's like glimpsing a window through the columns of some quiet church - a burst of color in austerity

Thus concludes the first edition of Close-Up. I hope you enjoyed ogling this JSK and got a feel for the wealth of finer details found in this and many other pieces.

Until next time - much love,

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