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Indie Brand Review - Marchen die Prinzessin: Romantic Masquerade

Full print in both colors from Marchen die Prinzessin
For those of you unfamiliar, Marchen die Prinzessin is a Korean indie lolita brand. They primarily create pieces for reservation periods and rarely are pieces available at a later date. This business model coupled with the attractiveness of their prints makes for many empty lolita wallets when each new series is announced. With the previews for Romantic Masquerade flooding the internet, I was floored with how quickly I fell for this print in wine. The fireworks outlining the spires of some far off buildings drew me in, but the Venetian masks and wax stamped letters had me whipping out my credit card.

This was my first time buying from Marchen die Prinzessin and I had an overall extremely positive experience. I preordered my skirt back in December via their Storenvy which was a quick and easy process. From my reservation date until the shipping period, everything was rather quiet. Right on time I got a short e-mail containing my tracking number and a link to the Korean EMS branch. My package shipped out on the 16th and arrived at my door on the 19th - exceptionally quick considering it was international!  

The box itself was rather small and unassuming, but definitely sturdy which was nice. It was dented in a few places and had certainly gone to battle while flying from Korea to NYC, but it survived without any punctures or real structural damage which was a relief. There is nothing worse than a punctured box that makes you worry that your products have been damaged. 

Everything inside was carefully wrapped in plastic including the extras which I thought was cute. They didn't include any kind of invoice or note which was a bit sad (one of my favorite parts about ordering from brands is the handwritten notes you often get included), but not tragic.  

The included extras featured two lolit-esque stretchy bangle-style bracelets. One was pink with a star on it, and the other was a translucent white with an adorable little bow. Unfortunately I have absolutely tiny wrists and the bracelets were a bit too loose for me to really wear them, but it was a cute idea regardless. They also put in some nice large-size business cards which feature model photos from some of their previous series - including the jam jar one which I waffled about getting for the longest time. 

After removing my skirt from the plastic, I was in awe of how crisp and clean the print was. Every little detail was visible and in sharp focus. I loved that the fireworks continued all the way to the top of the skirt and there are a few spots where stray sparks have flown up into the waistband. The ruffley flounce at the bottom of the skirt gives the silhouette a very light and airy feeling and adds nicely to the decadence of the print. The material is silky smooth with a good weight too it making it an excellent piece for various types of weather. I tried the skirt on right away (but will save any worn photos for when I put together its coordinate in the coming weeks) and it was very comfortable. The elastic in the waistband has just enough give to accommodate different blouses and underlayers without being constricting. The size zipper is very well hidden and the overlapping clasp makes for a very clean finish. 

As for the print, I can't really put into words how beautiful I find it. I fell in love with the contrast between the golds and oranges of the wine colorway and the dark blue and black tones of the sky and became enamored once again when I saw how lovely it was in person. Despite loving all of the stock photos, I don't think they do the richness of this particular print justice. I cannot wait to wear it out and see how different lighting and movement affects how the pattern looks. I'm sure it would look spectacular in a sunset or candlelight shoot. I took a number of detail shots of the print and lace - something which I've always enjoyed perusing on other fashion blogs. I hope you find this particular piece to be as splendid as I did. We all need to add a little romance to our wardrobes and I'm glad I found this piece.

Wax sealed letters are my weakness in lolita prints

While the eye is drawn to that magnificent hat we almost miss that amazingly lined-up side seam!

The main attraction - masquerade lovers enthroned in roses

The illumination of the buildings and the color gradients in the fireworks are wonderful

The magnificent rose bonnet - part bouquet part hairpiece

The multi-tiered lace feels like it's dripping off the hem

Overall I would rate my experience with Marchen die Prinzessin a 5/5 stars. Communication was quick and easy - especially for an indie brand doing a reservation out of a foreign country. Shipping was fast and everything arrived as promised. The skirt itself was even better than the stock photos and very comfortable with a lovely silhouette. I would definitely recommend the brand to anyone interested in their print series. Previously some of their bodice styles had not appealed to me, but I really liked the Romantic Masquerade JSK version (despite the fact that I love using skirts in my coords).

Have any of you bought Marchen die Prinzessin before? What did you think of them? Share in the comments below~

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed making it. Look forward to another post tomorrow.

Until then - much love,

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