Monday, February 16, 2015

Life Update - Jobs, Teas, & Cons - Oh My!

My goodness it's been a while since I last posted with grandiose dreams of constant updates and content. That being said, a major life change affected my schedule more than I had originally anticipated, but life has finally mellowed out a bit. As such, I've also been actively amassing lots of content to bring to all of you who have been patient enough to stick around!

As some of you may have guessed, my major life update was actually a professional transition for me. Moving from a retail environment to a desk job has been hectic, but ultimately a success. I now have a lot more time to sit down and plan out content for this blog and my regular schedule also allows me to attend even more frilly events. This makes me a very excited classic lolita as I can finally be confident about my weekend availability which means more teas, meet-ups, and conventions!

Additionally with my hours finally ironed out and constant, I now have the ability to come up with a very constant and steady stream of content updates. My current plan is to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday so be sure to check back on those days for new posts. I'll be adding in a few more content sections which I hope to introduce in the next few weeks and hope that you'll enjoy reading them as much as I'll enjoy writing them.

My other big life update has to do with Rufflecon - the local alternative fashion convention. I had the pleasure of attending and modeling for Chantilly last year and this year I jumped at the chance to get even more involved in such a lovely community. For 2015 Rufflecon will be moving to my home city of Stamford, CT for its second year and I am pleased to announce that I will be the High Tea Coordinator this year! For anyone interested in attending, I highly suggest it and urge you to check out my convention coverage from this past year~ Attendee registration opens on March 1st with the convention opening October 2nd - 4th so be sure not to miss it!

Speaking of conventions, I have a few already penciled into this year's adventures and look forward to meeting fellow lolitas at all of them. A good friend of mine and old cosplay teammate is a convention wizard and does a lot of different panels at cons up and down the East coast. This year she managed to get invited to a few conventions as a guest and invited me along to buddy up with her / keep her company in the artists' alley. Below is my full con schedule including a few tentative appearances:


  • Anime Boston - 4/3/15-4/5/15 @ Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA
  • Connecticon - 7/9/15-7/12/15 @ the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT

Thank you all for sticking with me through the long periods of silence. Be sure to check back on Wednesday for a real content update. I went to a number of different teas and events over the past few weeks and am excited to share my adventures and photos with all of you!

Take care and keep warm~
Much love,

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