Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 4 - Favorite Thing to Put on My Head

Chantilly hat from RuffleCon 2014
It's no secret that 2014 was a year of extravagant headwear in the lolita world - namely amazing bonnets. My time at RuffleCon seeing Triple Fortune backstage and modeling for Chantilly with my own decadent hat had me thinking that it was high time I stepped up my headwear game. For a long time I had grappled with the strangeness of hats, headbows, and bonnets - things that "normal" people don't tend to wear very often. Of course there's always the high school-aged exception, but in general, unless the temperatures are below freezing, most people leave their heads bare. I had balked at the thought of wearing a large floppy headbow and looking ridiculous - mostly because I have always felt that those sorts of accessories don't suit me.

In an attempt to make my wardrobe more versatile and rich, I've put a lot more time (and funds) into collecting different kinds of accessories from brooches and shawls to hats and gloves. While shopping around I constantly found myself drawn to the berets. They were cute yet simple and could have wonderful designs without being over the top - a plus for a muted classic lolita like myself. In my eyes, the beret was the one piece of headwear that allowed you to have your cake and eat it too - excellent accessorizing without creating a Marie Antoinette level of avant-garde stylishness.

I went on a long and arduous quest to acquire a brand beret from the NYC Baby the Stars Shine Bright / Tokyo Rebel store, but they always seemed to be sold out when I went shopping. This could have also been because I tended to frequent the store whenever there was an influx of local lolitas making the competition for cute accessories more than fierce. Eventually, while out to tea with a friend of mine I managed to convince her to run by the store and at last the lovely Alice and the Pirates berets were back in stock! Snatching one up for myself I gave a triumphant shout (of mouse-like proportions) and considered my quest to be at an end.

In keeping with my Lolita 333 project, I've only bought a total of two berets to cut down on the clutter in my wardrobe, but am always on the lookout for a cute design or interesting color. For certain, a beret is my favorite thing to put on my head~

My two berets - The Black Ribbon on the left & AatP on the right

I will always love the details in AatP's logo

The Black Ribbon's detailing was too adorable to pass up and became and easy 'must-have' buy

Just a few from my kanzashi collection
Coming in at a close second on my list of favorite hair accessories are kanzashi / hairsticks! I first discovered them on a shopping trip in Shibuya and quickly fell in love with their simplicity and elegance. They're a great way to turn a normal hair day into an elegant updo evening and are easy to pack into a bag. They keep hair out of your face and look lovely while doing it. I especially adore the style on the left which incorporates a separate pin which you can place in your hair after putting it up to both hold more complex twists in place and create a gorgeous draping effect with the chain and beads. 
Beading details
A crafty fox for your vixen look

In the coming months I'm looking forward to trying out new and adventurous hairstyles and headpieces for some of my more elaborate coords. One day I may even go all out in a bonnet~ But until then I'll be rocking the Parisian lolita beret aesthetic.

Do you have a favorite headpiece or hair accessory? Tell me why you love them in the comments below! Check back for more wardrobe goodies on Friday~

Much Love,
Burgher <3

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