Friday, February 27, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Coordinate a Dress in a Substyle Other Than Its Original Style

I may have bent the rules a bit on this one since I went for a skirt instead of a JSK or an OP, but we'll roll with it. With my first foray into the Lolita Blog Carnival community I wanted to test myself a bit and go far and away from the original substyle. This week's coordinate centers around my 2006 MMM Velveteen Rosenkreuz skirt. I bought it second hand earlier in the year and loved how different it was from my wardrobe comfort zone. The skirt is quite heavy and cannot hold much poof so it has a very stiff A-line shape. I loved the idea of pairing such a structural piece with a similarly geometric garment - a yukata.

Yes, you read that correctly - this week I turned my gothic MMM skirt into a Wa-lolita coordinate. Many lolitas shy away from the wa substyle mainly because there was a large stretch of time where the only wa-lolita coords were far less lolita and far more ita. It's difficult to put together while still looking polished and not like a complete disaster. Additionally, many wa lolita dresses come off looking very Japanophile-at-an-anime-convention. For a while, the only images one could find of wa-lolita were of lumpy, costume satin Orientalist-patterned bodices covered in the cheapest lace possible and paired with an overly short ruffly skirt. Not something any lolita would like to be associated with, but I promise you that tasteful wa-lolita does exist! And here I hope to convert you:

Fashion Point: Matsuri Meets Mana
Coordinate Breakdown:
Skirt: Moi-même-Moitié
Yukata: Japanese Offbrand
Obi: Donki
Hair piece - Innocent World (cravat)
Gloves: Anna Sui
Shoes: Offbrand 

The two kinds of off-the-beaten-path fashion that I love are lolita and Taisho Roman which is an elegant styling of kimono. I thought what better way to celebrate these two loves than by combining them into one coordinate? I have to say that I'm very pleased with the result. I'd like to keep experimenting with wa and see where it takes me - who knows, maybe I'll make it my primary style one day! 

Let me know what you think of this coord in the comments - I'd love to hear your opinions~

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Until next time - much love,

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