Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lolita Treatise: The Beauty of Street Snaps

In your average fashion magazines, the main attraction is generally the large conceptual photoshoots which take up so many of the high-gloss pages. GLB is no different in the attention paid to the visions of designers, but I've always found that I enjoy the street snaps sections far more than the posed brand shots. Where the large photoshoots with reader models and professional models alike are there to provide readers with a glimmer of what the upcoming releases will look like, street snaps show readers their own potential. Such candids are like a mirror to fellow fashionistas - inspiring them with beauty while simultaneously encouraging them to pursue such aesthetic heights.

While lolita looks lovely in a studio, it becomes even more vibrant on the side of a busy street. The curtain of the conceptual falls away the minute the model becomes the average girl on her way to a meet-up, a cafe to meet a friend, or to her class or job. Street snaps reinforce lolita as a fashion and not simply a costume. These are garments that people, real people, wear out and about sometimes every day of their lives. What was once a lovely idea on paper becomes a living, breathing, ephemeral manifestation of a designer's vision and an individual's expression of self.

It's true that two heads are better than one and while a brand shoot has the potential to be more conceptually cohesive, street snaps combine the wearer's creativity with the genius of many more designers. The street snap model becomes all the less a model and all the more the art director of her own set. These are the images that keep me the most inspired because they showcase a kind of talent so little spoken of or revered - excellent taste. Just as thinkers of old whispered of the muses who graced the ordinary man with strokes of genius, good taste reflected through the creation of a gorgeous coord of the wearer's own passion calls out to fellow fashion lovers far more than any advertisement. Beauty is never cheap or easy, but, as every street snap reminds us, it is attainable.

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