Monday, March 30, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 10 - How I First Found Out About Lolita

Unlike so many of my experiences with lolita, the definite moment wherein I discovered the fashion is largely lost to me. I have a vague recollection of looking up various images online of various cosplayers in preparation for the construction of my own first costume when I stumbled upon an image of a lolita. In contrast to the largely narrative nature of so many high quality cosplay photoshoots, many of the photos of lolitas I ran across in my early days were street snaps. There were no elaborate sets or fictional elements which seemed to be the bread and butter of cosplay photos, but rather it was like Alice had simply jumped out of her rabbit hole and ended up in early 21st century Tokyo. 

I was enamored. While cosplay gave life to a particular character or story that I loved, lolita gave life to an aesthetic; it didn't require any acting skills or hours spent watching or reading to absorb a preset selection of traits and personality quirks. Lolita was liberating. 

From that first glimpse into the world of lolita fashion I was hooked. With a little more research I was able to find the community hubs online and from there was able to do a decent amount of research into where the fashion came from, who were the major players, and where was it heading in the future. By the time my first convention rolled around (Anime Boston 2008), I was well-prepared and vastly enjoyed internally quizzing myself on all the prints and substyles present at the Lolita 101 panel.

With Anime Boston 2015 looming on the horizon for this weekend, this week's theme was excellently timed and the nostalgia factor will sure to emerge at some point during my weekend adventures. I'll be going back to that same Lolita 101 panel this year, but more as an excuse to meet up with friends and see some amazing coordinates which I hope to share with you all upon my return. Though my first glimpse into lolita might have been a bit hazy, my future in the fashion has never been more clear. Thank you all for joining me for the ride!

Stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,

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