Monday, March 2, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 6 - My Favorite Lolita Brand

If I had been writing this post 7 years ago, I would not have even paused with my answer of Alice and the Pirates. The passion of a budding lolita is not to be underestimated and the beginner's ability to fixate and narrow her own fashion world to such a small view is exceptional in its own way. When I first started out, I loved Meta for its willingness to ship overseas, but the designs of Alice and the Pirates stole my breath and large chunks of my wallet. When Rose Jail was first released I was smitten and spent a large amount of my time saving up the money to buy the bustle skirt. Of course originally I was taken with the JSK, but years later and with that trusty bustle skirt still in my wardrobe, I'm thankful for my younger self's smaller bank account.

Being realistic with my younger self, although I did truly adore Alice and the Pirates, my one true brand love was entirely unattainable at the time. Mary Magdalene was the reason I ultimately fell in love with lolita, and thus it cut all the deeper when the dresses were too expensive and difficult for foreigners to obtain without a shopping service. Let alone the fact that I was technically too young to even have my own Paypal account (although that didn't stop me on my quest for Rose Jail), Mary Magdalene was simply out of reach for my budding lolita self. If my parents had thought me quite silly for purchasing a simple bustle skirt, I shuddered to think of what they would say about a full dress with ruffles and pintucks galore from MM at double the price.

After my nearly four year hiatus, my triumphant return to lolita was met with the very mature realization that being older and living on my own also meant more money to spend on frivolous things. Gone were the days of longingly staring at a computer screen - envious of the girls who could afford the dresses I could only dream of. One of the first of MM's pieces to truly steal my heart was their Perfume Bottle series. Upon coming back into the fashion I searched and searched until just before RuffleCon 2014 I finally managed to snag my dream skirt in my dream colorway and was beyond ecstatic.

My love for MM has not waned much in 7 years, and yet my closet is not full of my favorite brand. Buying pieces from MM still feels like a fantasy to me and therefore the pieces I buy are carefully considered and curated to fit my wardrobe so that I can wear them for years to come. Perfume Bottle was my first purchase, but certainly not my last and I plan to be an MM fan for life. There is nothing quite like returning to that beginner lolita train of thought wherein your dream pieces narrow to the small world of one designer, and yet I'm not ready to give it up yet!

Do you have a favorite lolita brand? Are any of you classic lolitas as enamored with MM as I? Share in the comments below~

Until next time - much love,

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