Monday, March 16, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 8 - Why Don't I Wear Lolita More Often?

Perhaps one of the most disappointing realizations to have as a person interested in fashion is that of practicality. Every manner of dress, no matter the style, has a time and a place associated with it and no matter how much we would wish for it to be otherwise, there are many instances in life wherein lolita is not practical. Frills do not lend themselves to outdoor excursions or camping trips, and bell-shaped skirts have no place in a conservative workplace. This is an uncomfortable pill to swallow especially if you've just come out of four relatively dress-code-free years in college. With this realization comes the power to change and adapt your style. While bell-shaped skirts might not be appropriate for the workplace, there is nothing wrong with toned down A-lines skirts with light petticoats. At the end of the day you can always take lolita and turn it into a situationally appropriate outfit, but it might not be the OTT coords you usually adore.

Right out of college I worked in an environment with a very strict dress code which did not allow for me to wear lolita at all. Moving on from that position I then found myself in a very conservative workplace, and while I did get the chance to wear a couple of my less flashy JSKs and skirts, it was still very confining. Most of the time I cannot wear lolita because I don't find it to be situationally appropriate, but there are plenty of other occasions where I would rather lounge about in a pair of comfortable pants and a simple shirt. I don't often wear lolita around the house, and if I do it's generally a casual outfit for the day. My love for high-waisted skirts and tightly cinched JSKs means that more often than not I am taking off layers the moment I return home from a meet. That being said, there are no other clothes that make me feel as lovely as lolita does.

My wardrobe is currently expanding into a few colors and cuts which I had never before owned. Alice and the Pirates has earned my love once again by producing so many free-waisted dresses which are so comfortable and roomy that I could easily live in them. These are my go-to outfits for meets where I will be having to travel or eat. There is absolutely nothing worse than going to a tea party in a tightly cinched JSK that you feel completely constrained by - I leave those pieces for other occasions.

Currently I wear lolita a decent amount outside of meets and this largely has to do with my current work and dress code flexibility. I try to incorporate my favorite skirts and toned down JSKs as much as possible while leaving the frou frou designs and OPs for more formal events. You can be sure that at RuffleCon this year I will be going all out, but until then I'll continue to wear my go-to pieces for dressy appointments and casual outings with friends. I don't wear lolita nearly as often as I like, but that is certainly no reason to despair - rather it is an opportunity to push my wardrobe to its most versatile and put together pieces that can represent anything life chooses to throw in my way.

Until next time - much love,

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