Monday, March 23, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 9 - Five Keywords That Describe My Personal Lolita Style

Burgher Style: Translatable, Anachronistic, Quirky, Colorful, & Layered

Translatable - If there was one goal that I had when I launched myself back into lolita fashion after my extended hiatus, it would have been to create coherent looks which were interesting without being entirely outlandish. I love the idea of going out to dinner and having people see my clothes as 'oh that's really interesting' instead of 'why is she dressed so strangely?'. This might also have to do with my relatively conservative style in light of the OTT trend, but it is not to say that I don't take fashion risks. Rather, I adore wearing clothes that stand out without being dressed inappropriately for the occasion.

Anachronistic - I adore the jarring contrast between seeing a classic lolita in full regalia with a hat and dainty gloves typing away on her cell phone. The elegance and nostalgia which lolita calls to mind has the immense power of transporting others into a kind of modern fairytale. One of the most positive demographics I have encountered is older women. Conversing with them constitutes some of my most rewarding experiences while wearing lolita. You can just tell that they're reliving the swishing of their mothers' petticoats or the prom dress they loved dancing with their sweetheart in. Anachronism is as jarring as it is rewarding to realize that you are drawing from such a wealth of fashion history and giving it new life.

Quirky - I'm an odd duck - it's just a fact. I love mismatching socks, updos with plenty of hairs out of place, and brightly colored tights. I like to take the elegance I adore in lolita fashion and add a bit of my own twist. It could be anything from a big floppy bow necktie to a large hair accessory, but I like to think that my voice and my personality shine through all the frills. 

Colorful - It is no secret by now that I am a sucker for bright and potentially jarring colors. I have a serious passion for wine and chocolate, but as a girl who had lavender hair at one point, I have a secret soft spot for pastels. I mentioned long, long ago that I found tights to be a kind of life saver for my coordinates because they allowed me to bring in new and interesting accent colors in shades that I might not have been able to find in larger pieces. Of course, I do have a few coordinates that are far more subdued, but looking back critically, I'm trying to push the envelope a bit more with my personal style and would love to revamp a few of those drab coords one day.

Layered - I am one of those people who seems to be eternally cold. As such, my normal wardrobe was full of many different layering pieces like cardigans, boleros, shrugs, jackets, etc. It seemed to be a very normal transition to bring a lot of my favorite layering pieces into my lolita wardrobe and to buy similar pieces from my favorite brands. Lolita opens up an entirely new world of layering with different blouse styles, cravats, and skirt cuts which has become a personal free-for-all.  

At the end of the day I'm heading down the path of a quirky classic lolita and don't see myself making any sharp turns anytime soon. Here's to gradual evolution!

Stay beautiful and strong, my lovelies,

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