Friday, March 13, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Dream Panels For Lolita

Having spent so much of my life going to cons and sitting in on various, random panels, I've seen a lot of good ones and a lot of not-so-great ones. Panels are tricky in that oftentimes the most interesting ones go into a great deal of depth, and yet the audience has to be educated enough to not get lost on the subject. For so many lolitas out there, the panels that appeal to them are too often the usual run-of-the-mill Lolita 101 which don't really give them anything new to talk about. Instead these panels are often more of an offering by the local lolita community to the convention scene at large. With the emergence of alternative fashion conferences like RuffleCon and La Vie En Rose, the panel opportunities for lolitas have vastly expanded. As such, this week's Lolita Blog Carnival focuses upon our Dream Panels for lolita and perhaps more than a few of them will become a reality in the next calendar year. This week I have brainstormed three panels which would be an absolute dream for me to attend - we will have to see if the community agrees!

Bodyline L053 follows the same vein as mainstream media in depicting 'kimono-esque' garments
1. Wa & Qi Lolita vs. Orientalism
As an East Asian Studies minor in college, Orientalism was constantly a point of interest for me. Many East Asian countries like Japan are very self-Orientalizing in their approaches to the world stage with things like tourism advertisements. As such, Orientalism can be very complex to pick apart and dig out of many of our favorite dialogue topics. Wa & Qi lolita have been done wonderfully in the past and they have been done very poorly. Too often we see lolita brands channeling Orientalism in their designs which is infinitely disappointing to those of us who would love to see these substyles flourish. This panel would center around the problematic nature of Wa & Qi lolita in relation to representations of East Asian dress in the media and would carefully outline the dos and don'ts of constructing an excellent Wa or Qi coord.

2. EGL Nostalgia - Pure Maiden For An Hour
This panel recalls the Pure Maiden aesthetic of ages past in the EGL community. For the length of the panel block the discussion will focus around proper pastimes for a young lady of good breeding, and the various pros towards living a lolita lifestyle a la Princess Skye. At the end the panelists will have a number of different mini pamphlets on everything from basic tea connoisseurship to simple cross-stitch and embroidery patterns.

3. 21+ The Frilly Mixologist - Lolita Cocktails
For the older crowd this panel would center around lolita-themed cocktail mixes. Healthy doses of vintage cocktails, whimsical Wonderland-themed mixes, and even a few that include tea would be featured. Depending on the convention and rules surrounding food and beverages, samples of a few different mixes would be made available to guests. A wide-variety of different liquors would be used to suit the taste of even the most niche frilly drinker.

What do you think? Would you go to any of these panels? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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