Friday, March 6, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Favorite Lolita Hairstyles

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival centers around favorite lolita hairstyles. While there are so many amazing and often complex options to choose from, my personal style tends to lean more towards the slightly understated.

Low Pigtails / Twintails

My first pick is an old favorite from my younger years. Though I used to be quite upset about the fact that I had a 'baby face' when I was younger and therefore got carded at just about every bar and liquor store I went to, I have long-since discarded that dislike. Instead I like to play on that youthfulness by my constant return to the low pigtails I so often sport with lolita. At a recent meet-up, my good friend Aly commented that she really liked my low floppy pigtails. I laughed and told her that for someone with such thin, fine hair as myself, a lot of different updos can be difficult simply because I don't have the substance for them. The trick to low pigtails is that they are so loose and free to pool any which way they wish that it tends to volumize your hair a bit. 

Variation - Low Pigtails with Headband

Alright I'll admit that all the snow we've gotten this winter has given me a small case of seasonal depression, so when given the chance to throw on a flowery headband like I was going to a summer music festival, I was more than ready to try it. I love this look. I didn't expect myself to like the aesthetic, but I thought it came out quite cute and can't wait to incorporate this into more of my looks. I've used flower clips and such before, but never something quite so bright or flower-crown-esque - it was certainly a welcome change I'll be sure to use more. 

Half-Updos with Kanzashi

There is something I just love about the half-updo style. Maybe it's the idea that you can combine your love of curls with an elegant twist or something similar. Either way I love it. As I mentioned in my previous post about hair accessories, I have a serious love for kanzashi and hair sticks which I use most days to hold my hair up - even if it's just while I'm cooking or doing something around the house. They're easy to use, but can create really lovely twists and intricate loops which look like they took hours instead of seconds. 

Variation - Side Half-Updo with Kanzashi

This is a cute and quirky style I definitely picked up from V.B. Rose. I love the look of an adorable little swirl knotted up on the side of the head with the rest of the hair falling loosely below it. It's different and casual enough for that basic coord, though it can certainly be dressed up for any number of occasions. I love adding in additional clips with bows or flowers to dress it up a bit or even curling the remaining hair into elegant waves. 

Side-Ponytail with Large Bow

A play off of the Rococo men's court style of a low ponytail worn at the nape and fastened with a large bow, I adore side ponytails with large bows fastened to them. Add a bit of texture to the hair and a strong military jacket and you'll be ready to do battle with the British in style. A big floppy bow has long been a staple of the lolita wardrobe, and though I'm not necessarily a fan of putting it atop my head, I love the way it dresses up a fairly simply hairstyle to match my coords. 

Do you have a favorite hairstyle? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to check out all the other amazing bloggers who participated in this week's theme!

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