Friday, March 27, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Where Do You Get Your Lolita Inspiration From

Inspiration is a fickle thing. At times it is fleeting like a sweet summer breeze which graces us with moments of beautiful ephemerality which leave us wishing for more, and at others it comes like a tidal wave and we are staggered the by the sheer frenzied activity which inevitably follows. Inspiration in fashion is no different from that stroke of genius that so many artists, authors, and esteemed members of society have grasped since the dawn of humanity.

With an avant-garde style like lolita, inspiration is both a blessing and a curse. At times I feel bombarded with ideas for coordinates, meetups, photoshoots, etc. Other times my interest in the fashion wanes and I have very little motivation to get dressed up in the frills I loved so much. My extended break was partially due to a lack of motivation, but I found that after taking time off I found I had an untapped well of inspiration just waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

These days my inspiration comes from a number of different sources - the majority of which are digital. Naturally, much of my lolita inspiration comes from fellow lolitas whether this is online with daily coordinate posts or from the pages of the Gothic Lolita Bible with their wonderful street snaps and photoshoots. My fellow lolitas push me to higher heights and provide me with a constant stream of amazing images from which to draw my own ideas. The lolita community is a beautiful garden of images which drive the trends one way or another coupled with whispers of individuality which push us all forward. These whispers of individuality become more pronounced once you understand the language of lolita and can see the difference between the curated pages of the magazine and the coordinate posts. These differences move me to take more risks and dance on the edge of that precipice that screams of ugly coord. I need more of those in my life in order to achieve the truly phenomenal coords I know I have trapped the silver cage in my head - waiting for that silver key of inspiration to turn the lock.

My other form of inspiration is a bit more abstract, but perhaps a bit closer to home as a former art history student. I look at art like I'm looking at a particularly difficult puzzle. At the end of the tunnel is an impression, an interpretation to be gained from the journey, but it's the hours in between which really shape the end result for us. Museum visits are some of my favorite meets and of course my very first museum meet I wandered off from the rest of the group. Almost in a trance I found myself a cozy bench and just stared at my favorite paintings for long periods of time. I studied the brushstrokes and examined the figural arrangements, colors, lines, and use of light. I thought about what I liked about the painting, what I found jarring or pleasing, and settled on a personal narrative of my own design. Art, for me, provides a direct translation into fashion and I am constantly bombarded by various pieces of art on a daily basis. While at first it might seem like these images could diminish to white noise, the most valuable ones always seem to catch my eye, hold my interest, and beg me to give them new life through my own interpretations. A starry sky becomes a dark colored coordinate with splashes of metallic accessories and the weightlessness only a petticoat can turn into a visual expression of feeling. A brightly lit ballroom becomes a daring combination of bright colors and structured lines coupled with a pair of comfortable shoes.

At the end of the day, inspiration is a very private and personal experience to which we give life through what we choose to wear. It is easy to buy a full set from a designer and wear the pieces just the way they were shown in the quarterly GLB photoshoot, but it lacks independence and emotion. Passion is just as important as inspiration and ensures that what we wear is inherently a reflection of our own personalities, feelings, and thoughts. Be sure to grasp onto inspiration from wherever it should spawn, but reign it in with a good dose of passion and you won't be disappointed by the result!

Stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,

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