Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Out To Tea - NYC Hogwarts Meet

Hufflepuff Pride Nails were a must for this badger
Last Saturday I had the pleasure of finally receiving my Hogwarts letter! It seemed to have been lost in the post, but fortunately for me there were a number of other avid lolitas who also seemed to be over 10 years late to the schoolyard party. We met up at the fabulous Jones Wood Foundry in New York for a meet and greet after getting sorted. A warning to the faint of heart: magic & dragon taming ensued.

My dear friend Aly and I arrived quite early as we shipped over from Connecticut and therefore decided to have a drink at the bar before everyone arrived. The mulled wine was amazing and just the thing to combat the winter chill. The bartender, though oblivious to the magic that was about to spill through his muggle bar door, was charming and asked all about the occasion. After everyone arrived, we were seated at two long tables in a really lovely space in between the bar and the back dining room. There was lots of natural light filtering in through the quaint courtyard windows and the whole place had a really rustic feel to it. 

The first course was served family style - tea sandwitches (*Hogwarts remember), & Scotch eggs. Both were delicious and there was absolutely nothing but crumbs left for the servers to clear away. 

For the main course I opted for the Pork & Cider Pie which certainly did not disappoint. The crust was light and flaky while the inside was warm and heavenly. As hearty as my appetite seemed to be, there was no way for me to finish this pint-sized pie despite how utterly delicious it was. 

There were plenty of shenanigans throughout the meal from dragons to Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans - everyone was having a marvelous time. Conversation and laughter flowed freely from both tables and it was lovely to see so many amazing themed coordinates.

Photo (c) Xin Lolita Photography
After everyone had eaten we all took some house photos which our hostess Xiaoyu later stamped with our house emblems. Everyone looked absolutely amazing~!

Photo (c) Xin Lolita Photography

Photo (c) Xin Lolita Photography

Photo (c) Xin Lolita Photography
After taking our house photos and mingling for a bit it was time for a themed game of charades. Since there were only two of us Hufflepuffs we opted to go first. We fought valiantly, but were overtaken by the other houses. No House Cup for us this year.

Photo (c) Xin Lolita Photography
Photo (c) Xin Lolita Photography
The Ravenclaws were a portrait of calm throughout the game
After everyone conceded victory to Slytherin there was more mingling, more photos, and then sadly we all split up to head in our separate directions. 

Aly & I - A Badger & A Raven
Photo (c) Xin Lolita Photography

-Coord Rundown-

Blouse: Moi-meme-Moitie
Skirt: Marchen die Prinzessin
Necklace: Peppermint Fox
Accessories, tights, socks, & shoes: Offbrand
One day we'll return to Hogwarts for more merriment, but until then the magic will live on in our frilly little hearts.

Until next time - much love,

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