Monday, April 6, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 11 - Three Trends I Wish Would Come Back

In recent months, the lolita community at large has taken a larger interest in reviving old school lolita which has led to plenty of digging through old fashion magazines for inspiration and reminiscing. I am no exception to this recent thirst for nostalgic images and have found myself quite taken with a number of different designs and aesthetics that we no longer really see in the mainstream of lolita fashion. This is not to say that these particular trends are not entirely present in the community, but rather they have been relegated to the niche. Thus without further ado and in no particular order: three trends I wish would come back~

IW Crown Embroidery 2008
1. Embroidery
When I was first getting into lolita, so many of the pieces I wanted were decked out in gorgeous embroidery which served to reinforce my association of lolita with quality. My first ever lolita dress was Meta's Heart Pocket Embroidery Polka Dot JSK in red and I adored every inch of it. Whereas prints were gorgeous and soon rose in popularity, embroidery was like the old guard of lolita fashion and screamed time, effort, and luxury which seemed to match the aesthetics of the era. I would love to see a more modern take on the old minimalist embroidered pieces as a kind of salute to the details which got me so interested in the fashion in the first place.

Mana from an old GLB feature about MMM
2. Ringlet Hairstyles
It seems like every time I pick up an older issue of GLB I'm confronted with a mass of perfect ringlet curls. Interestingly enough, we almost never see this kind of hairstyle in lolita anymore especially when compared with its popularity in lolita's early days. Perhaps it was the influence of the doll-like aesthetic that drove so many lolitas to the tightly wound and perfectly tamed style, but nowadays most girls go for a slightly looser style of curled hair. There is an almost unreal quality to perfect ringlets which channel the doll aesthetic which many have avidly strayed away from since the airing of My Strange Addiction's feature on living dolls. I would love to see this hairstyle paired with one of Triple Fortune's amazing bonnets and an impeccable OTT classic coord.

IW Velveteen Baby Doll OP 2004
3. Detachable Sleeves
Anyone who has been following this blog for a while knows that I have somewhat of an obsession with wardrobe versatility. I love being able to wear my favorite frills in all kinds of weather and environments, and shoot for a lot of pieces which I am able to work into a variety of coords. I always loved the idea that with so many older OPs, you could simply take off the long sleeves when it was hot and reattach them when it was cold. Additionally, the sleeve designs themselves generally made the transition from permanent sleeve to detachable parts very seamless and elegant in their own. There are certainly a number of detachable sleeves on the market today, but not nearly as commonplace as it was in the old school days. Perhaps with the rise of old school we will see a rise of the free the sleeves movement.

With old school nostalgia on the rise, I do see a possibility for all of these particular trends to be making a comeback, though it is unlikely to be as popular as it once was. Lolita is constantly evolving and although it keeps a healthy dose of the past in mind, it is always striving to move forward.

Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,


  1. I definitely agree with all of these! These are 3 of my all time favorite Lolita characteristics and it's such a shame that they've become almost extinct. Particularly the embroidery! I have always loved the dresses that had embroidered design instead of a border print.

    1. I'm glad you agree! My hope is that one day we'll see more of a revival of embroidery, but it seems that most brands cut it in favor of more cost-effective prints. We can always dream though~