Monday, April 20, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 13 - Lolitas I Have Met In Real Life

Chantilly Feature from GLB vol. 54
Well it's certainly safe to say that I never expected to have lolita become such a big part of my life when I moved to Stamford. And I definitely didn't expect to live in the same building as one, but a few months shy of a year later and here we are! I've had the absolute pleasure in getting to know so many wonderful lolitas from all over, and I simply cannot wait to expand my lolita horizons even more in the future. Currently, I'm an active member of both the Connecticut and New York communities and regularly attend events in both states. Because so many of us Connecticut girls live so close to the city, we end up going in for meetups and events there anyway so it makes sense to connect with a bunch of the local girls as well.

I have also been very fortunate in being constantly surrounded by excellent lolita role models - many of whom have become quite famous in the lolita community for their wonderful characters and impeccable style. Just a sampling of some of the lolitas I have met through my fashion journey this past year are:

Aly of Her Lumpiness 

Victoria of Parfait Doll

Martha the designer behind Moss Märchen

Kelsey the designer behind I Do Declare

Petrina of Lolita and the City

Amy of milkbox.

Stephanie aka the amazing sweetcherrytomato

Emily aka the adorable emilysu

Alison aka the awesome imaginaryalice

Remi aka my epic downstairs neighbor remilade

Grace aka the lovely Fro-chan

Xiaoyu aka the gorgeous victorianme

Yanise aka the sweet starrylightbox

Fumiko the designer behind Enchantlic Enchantilly

KAIE & BABI the duo responsible for Triple Fortune

Just to name a few!

I am exceptionally lucky to have so many amazing lolitas right in my immediate area. Some of my quite close friends I've had the pleasure of meeting through lolita and they constantly inspire me to push my own style to greater heights. RuffleCon was a great way to meet people last fall and I had amazing time getting to know so many lolitas from all over the world. It was especially wonderful to get to meet the designers and as a model for the fashion show they were all fabulous to be around. I can't wait to see what this year's RuffleCon will bring and I am beyond excited to meet more and more lolitas and form even more amazing friendships!

Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,

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