Friday, April 3, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - How Would You Re-do Your Wardrobe

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival strikes close to home since I've been spending a good chunk of my time recently contemplating my wardrobe and what improvements could be made to create a more seamless and cohesive collection. On Wednesday I featured a Moi-même-Moitié skirt which, although beautiful, was the first of numerous outliers in my fairly standard collection. While I don't see myself letting go of any of these pieces anytime soon, they do beg the question: if I could go back and change it, would I? Removing any sort of sentimentality I have since developed for so much of my collection, I would have to affirm that I would certainly go back and change my wardrobe.

I think one thing that I am currently lamenting with my wardrobe is that I don't have any real thematic schema to follow when looking at new releases. As such, I end up making a number of gut-reaction purchases that though I haven't regretted, I am sure could have been made differently to ensure a better overall wardrobe. In my last capsule wardrobe post I mentioned that although thematic wardrobes are difficult for a beginner to focus on, they can end up being extremely rewarding and innovative. Knowing all that I've now learned from being in the fashion for so long, I think that it would be both fun and refreshing to start over with a wardrobe that was based on a few key themes while sticking to a handful of core colors.

Outliers in a thematic wardrobe would therefore most likely fall into the different color or cut categories rather than deviating from the collection's theme. As such, future coordinates could benefit from a variety of cuts, colors, and designs to choose from while still retaining a digestible level of cohesion. For instance, if I created an entire wardrobe out of my love for nutcrackers, I could put together a variety of coords with accessories and smaller pieces with vastly different colors or designs from the main piece. Instead of looking like a sad attempt at decora or a simply poor coordinate however, with the nutcracker theme present throughout and while adhering to a few simple color theory rules, the look would be easily translatable to the discerning lolita eye. Though themed coordinates might be tricky to pull off at first, so is lolita and with a good bit of practice it is sure to get easier.

The key to a thematic wardrobe is temperance and having a strong handle of what kinds of pieces work well together. Strong staple pieces and a multitude of detailed accessories become mainstays of thematic wardrobes, but many smaller pieces like blouses, socks, and shoes are a bit more fluid and can be simpler, understated designs. In order to carry one motif from one coordinate to another, versatility is key and very basic blouses and shoes will do more work for less. Overwhelming a coordinate with a multitude of different prints and motifs will generally serve to create a chaotic kind of look, while carefully downplayed choices will amp up the effectiveness of your core items.

If I had the option to go back and re-do my entire wardrobe while retaining all the knowledge I've learned along the way, I would create an entire collection of prints centered around perfume bottles, antique books, or wax sealed letters with a few solid color pieces to even it all out. I have an immense weakness for all of the listed motifs and would be happy to own complete collections of all of them. There is something romantic about beautifully crafted perfume bottles on a lady's vanity, ornately decorated tomes sitting haphazardly on the shelf of some aristocratic library, and wax sealed letters stacked in the middle of a writing desk with an elegant quill nestled dormant in its inkwell. Perhaps one day I will commit to one of these motifs and run with it like never before, but until then I'll have to keep picking favorites and sampling a wide range of designs within a more limited set of colors and cuts.

Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,
[One day I will pick just one sign off and stick to it~]

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