Friday, April 10, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Make One Expensive Outfit And One Inexpensive Outfit From Your Wardrobe

Though I'm still recovering from the con plague I caught at Anime Boston, I really enjoyed digging back through my purchasing history to see the value of my various wardrobe pieces. The most expensive lolita I have ever purchased has yet to arrive at my house as it was a pre-order item, but I made due with what I had. These coords are shown sans bags and sans petticoats which would no doubt add more value. Without further ado - onto the coordinates~

The Expensive Coordinate - Total: ~$495
Lost in the Portrait Forest
Coord Rundown
OP - Alice and the Pirates
Tights - Putumayo
Shoes - Modcloth
Necklace - Moss Märchen
Wig - Lockshop
Hairbow - Alice and the Pirates

Naturally the most expensive parts of this outfit are the OP and the shoes with the rest of the items fairly similar in price. Though these are not necessarily my most expensive pieces all together, these are the most expensive items that I own which still fit together into a halfway decent coordinate. The cream color of the Innocent Rosier OP makes it a bit harder to coordinate with some of my more expensive accessories. I tried to keep the color palette fairly toned down and stuck to only chocolates and wines as my colors with hints of true white as an accent. I have not yet worn this coordinate out, but after laying it out and photographing it, I would certainly love to take it out for a spin. I absolutely adore how comfortable this OP is and need more chances to wear it out and about. I finally got a chance to take the tights for a test drive at Anime Boston and loved how they added a quirky little twist to my otherwise rather simple coord.

The Inexpensive Coordinate - Total: ~$180
A Crown for the Sunflower Prince
Coord Rundown
OP - Innocent World
Blouse - UNIQLO
Shoes - Modcloth
Headband - Forever 21
Tights & Accessory - Offbrand

The tights in this coord simply did not want to stay flat for photographs, but aside from the anorexic leg look we have going on, I can comfortably say that I wear something like this quite often. I got the OP for a steal because the front button ties were missing despite the rest of it being in perfect condition. The blouse is one of my favorite offbrand finds and goes for between $15 and $30 depending on UNIQLO's weekly promotions. The boots are actually quite costly, but they go best with this particular OP than basic flats in my opinion. The little flower pin clip was a gift from a previous buyer and I love to add them to my lapels for an extra bit of color. Keeping it simple and bright with this 'romp-around-town' kind of look.

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Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,

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  1. I love the first coord! ^_^
    What's the super expensive dress you ordered? c:
    Sorry about your sickness from Anime Boston ;~; I was there this weekend but thankfully I didn't get sick

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I was actually quite proud of it considering I spent so long trying to brainstorm something using my more expensive pieces that wouldn't be completely hideous. I ordered the rerelease of Mary Magdalene's Petit Fleurs (surprisingly the overseas e-mail referred to it as Petit Four instead of Fleur as listed on Lolibrary) OP in Raspberry which was over $300, but I'm a huge MM fan so it was well worth the splurge. I'm unfortunately used to being sick after just about every convention I attend - I tend to run myself ragged. ^o^;;; I hope you enjoyed your AB weekend! It's one of my favorite conventions so I have a serious soft spot for it~ Regardless, thank you so much for your comment!

  2. 神聖な出産を祝福
    Bless sacred birth