Friday, April 17, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Make A Spring-Inspired Coordinate

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival is a celebration of the warmer weather we've been experiencing here in Connecticut! Though the day I shot this coordinate was overcast and the lighting in my apartment was rather poor, the weather outside this past week has been phenomenal. Last weekend was the first time I could really sit and enjoy my little balcony - it was definitely an exciting feeling. Though I am a huge fan of cooler weather and autumn, I've had just about enough of this dreary winter and am more than ready to partake in some outdoor activities like picnics or scenic walks soon!

As a classic lolita, my wardrobe does not lend itself to the bright hues that so many sweet lolitas enjoy, but I tried to go for a softer look to channel those first spring buds. I would love to take this coordinate on a picnic, or to a fabulous flower garden to meander the quiet paths. Though the heels aren't necessarily made for off-road terrain, they're certainly sturdy enough to handle just about anything aside from slippery ground or lots of mud.

Blush, chocolate, and burgundy are one of my favorite combinations

I love the matching hairbow that Innocent World put out - the watch is just too adorable!

Coordinate Rundown
Beret - Alice and the Pirates
Hairbow - Innocent World
JSK - Innocent World's Rose Fob Watch
Capelet - Fan + Friend
OTK Socks - Innocent World
Shoes - Offbrand
Bag - Angelic Pretty

Makeup & Hair to go with the coord
As for makeup and hair I would pair with this coordinate, I would go for twin braids for a youthful look. Fairly plain and simple to keep with the minimalism of this particular coordinate, but cute nonetheless. For makeup I would go with something fairly standard with a light blush and brown tones for the eye shadow and eyeliner. For the lips I would go for a kind of berry-stained look with a red or raspberry hue lipstick lining the inner part of the lips and a more neutral toned lip gloss over it. Nothing too flashy to detract from the coordinate, but just enough of a pop to be interesting.

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Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,

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