Friday, April 24, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Your Favorite Lolita Garment Find

Let's Get Some Shoes~

One of the things I adore most about lolita fashion is the hunt for offbrand pieces which perfectly compliment my wardrobe - especially ones that I can find here in the US. One of my pinnacle offbrand find moments came to me when I was searching through the virtual haystack of shoes known as Modcloth. I needed a pair of versatile heels which would go with a number of different coordinates, but I was having a lot of trouble finding the right shade of brown. To end my frustration I ended up switching over to good, old, trusty black and hoping for something truly spectacular. I stumbled upon the Powerful Protagonist Booties and never looked back.

While I had loved these shoes on their own, I was stunned at RuffleCon to find so many of the other models owned them! We had a few of us shoe twins stomping our stuff on the runway and I've met plenty more girls over the past few months who own these staple heels. They're adorable, very comfortable, and well-equipped to traverse even the most uneven cobblestones. An all around win for this lolita! Though it certainly wasn't anything as extravagant or exciting as a big brand piece in the bargain bin at the local secondhand shop, these heels are definitely a gem and I've gotten far more wear out of them than I could have ever imagined. They're a bit beat up from the winter, but I can't wait to bring them on even more adventures~

Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,

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