Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why I Love the Lolita Community

After the Lolita 101 panel at Anime Boston this past weekend, I spent some time reflecting on my gratitude towards the lolita community as a whole. While the community gets a lot of flack for being full of narcissistic, egotistical divas, I am constantly reminded of the generally accepting nature of this fashion. The number of immensely supportive individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting never ceases to amaze me. This convention affirmed my belief that lolita, just like any alternative lifestyle or hobby, is about building a community rather than tearing down individuals. I have had the opportunity to meet people from all different places and backgrounds through nothing more than a shared interest in frilly dresses. I find myself falling in love with lolita fashion over and over through every shared experience. From the conversation with the artist's alley vendor about our love of Mary Magdalene's Perfume Bottle to the random stranger who takes the time to stop me and compliment my coordinate, lolita fashion facilitates far more positivity than negativity.

The lolita community as a whole is focused on the evolution of the amazing fashion we love so much. Of course no progress is possible without the driving force of human creativity. This fashion drives off of the shared think tank which the community provides. Coordinate photos shared amongst thousands of fellow lolitas provide a valuable opportunity for meaningful and thought-provoking dialogue which can in turn influence the consumer market on a larger scale. This close interaction between producer and consumer means that the opinions, creations, and expressions of the community drive the production of desirable pieces. Each new release is therefore as much a reflection of the community as the brand.

The lolita is a powerful force in the world of Japanese street fashions and this is undeniably something to celebrate. By being an active part of the community you are responsible for shaping the fashion and curbing the future evolution of your favorite style. There is a true power in numbers and I sincerely wish that the fear of the negativity so often associated with the lolita community won't stop anyone from joining this wonderful group of individuals.

Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my love,

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