Friday, May 1, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Lolita Make-Over For A Friend

For this week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic, I opted to do a kind of make-over for one of my lolita friends. She dresses impeccably in sugary sweet so we decided to take her over to the dark(er) side a bit with a touch of black and a longer A-line silhouette. I would identify this coord more as a kind of dark classic than anything due to the coloring of my Funeral Procession JSK. Instead of pairing it with all black we went for a bit of a softer touch with a gray faux fur bolero on top instead of a blouse and kept the black to her leggings and shoes.

It was funny to see how a normally sweet girl fell in love with Funeral Procession more and more throughout the course of our little shoot. I really like how well it worked with her current natural hairstyle which is turning out to be a kind of pink ombre. The sunglasses were a fun added touch which not only looked cute, but kept her from being totally blinded by the amazingly sunny weather we had that day.

With an opposite day meetup somewhere on the horizon, I myself am looking forward to trying a new style. I think for a lot of lolitas we end up pigeonholing ourselves a bit with a style that we personally think looks best on us, and once you've really built up a cohesive wardrobe it can be a bit daunting to deviate. For this reason, style swaps and similar community events really encourage girls to try out something new and although they might simply solidify their opinion that yes, gothic is definitely the way to go, they might find out that they have a soft side for pirate, kodona, or even OTT sweet. If nothing else, being part of a comm allows you to expand your wardrobe by swapping, sharing, and dolling one another up from time to time. It's not only an opportunity to celebrate the fashion itself, but also a chance to be a little bit more adventurous with your own personal style.

So next time you have a particular urge to try out a completely different style, be sure to phone a friend! Chances are that they'll be more than well-equipped to help you out and might even be able to convert you a bit. You never know until you try~

Until next time, stay strong and beautiful, my lovelies,

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